Setting Up a New Passport

Setting up a new Passport for a litigant is easy. Use this form to give us information on the litigant and their situation, and we will set it up for you. Follow the step-by-step instructions below on how to fill out the form, or watch our video demonstration here.

If you want to add information to an existing Justice Passport, please read more here.

How to Fill out The Form

  1. Open up the form
    1. You can find the form here
    2. Enter the password given to you during onboarding
  2. Enter your information
    1. Select the organization that you work for
    2. Select your name from the list
  3. Select Set up new Passport
  4. Enter the litigant’s information
    1. Email address 
    2. Check “Yes” if the litigant consents to receive text messages and enter their phone number 
    Make sure this is a safe email for them to receive Passport setup information
  5. Enter the case summary
    Please make sure to include as much information here as possible so that other service providers can get a full picture of the situation
  6. Select referrals
    1. Select the organizations you’d like the litigant to have contact information for
    2. Select as many as they need
  7. Add Details
    1. Check the boxes to add additional relevant information, including:
      • Documents (unlimited)
      • Tasks (up to 3)
      • An event (1 max)
  8. Include feedback for us
    Let us know if you have ideas for improving the form. This information will only be seen by our team and not the litigant.
  9. Submit the form. Great Job! Thanks for creating a new passport!
  10. Update the Litigant
    1. Tell the litigant that they will receive an email and text message (if they consented) within 24 hours with instructions on how to log in to their Passport.
    2. You can also refer them to our support articles for litigants.

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